We are looking for an order next week. When should we place it?

Our site allows orders up to 21 days in advance, so feel free to place it anytime.

Can I choose which flavours are in the mixed pack?

Unfortunately not. For individual flavour choices please purchase them as so. The mixed packs are designed to be packed based on what is abundant at the time.


I have a nut allergy, am I safe to order your doughnuts?

We do use a variety of nuts in our baking, so we cannot guarantee anything. That being said, our team takes extra care to ensure our products are as safe as possible. Please ensure you put an allergy alert in the notes section.

Do your products contain soy?

The short answer is no, our products do not contain any soy. The long answer is that some chocolates and sprinkles contain lecithin, which can be soy derived. According to Canadian Food Inspection Agency's list of ingredients and allergens on food labels, lectithin is not a listed source name associated with soybean allergies. With that, however, we know that everyone is different in their reaction to it so if you are unsure or unable to consume it please let us know so to avoid any of our products containing sprinkles or chocolate.