All ice cream is sold at our front counter. No pre-orders or phone orders are permitted. It's just too hot and no one wants a half melted treat.

Classic Shakes

Vanilla Bean Birthday Cake

vanilla bean shake - rainbow sprinkles - whip cream

Death by Chocolate

double chocolate milkshake - chocolate fudge sauce - whip cream - shaved chocolate and crushed candy

Strawberries and Cream

strawberry milkshake - white chocolate and crumble - whip cream - strawberry pearls

Salted Caramel Cookie

vanilla bean, caramel and crushed cookie milkshake - salted caramel drizzle - whip cream - crushed cookies


Specialty Shakes

Willy Wonka

vanilla & nerds milkshake - chocolate smartie milkshake - kit kat – candy – whipped cream

Cotton Candy Bubble Gum

cotton candy milkshake – pink bubble gum drizzle – pink whipped cream cream - hubba bubba


Boozy Shakes

Kahluha Tiramisu

white mocha milkshake – chocolate whipped cream - lady finger – chocolate garnish mix

Italian Cherry Cream Lemonade

lemoncello lemon milkshake – chopped cherry – whipped cream


crème de cacao, vanialla/chocolate blended milkshake – crushed oreo - toasted marshmallow – graham cracker

Pina Colada

vanilla bean and coconut milkshake – pineapple – spiced rum – whip cream - cherry