Apple Fritter

Our dough is mixed with chopped apples, a selection of spices, and dipped in a caramel glaze.

Belmont Cream

Filled doughnut w/ house made vanilla pastry cream, glazed with our milk chocolate, and topped with chocolate pearls.

Vanilla Sprinkle:

Classic doughnut glazed with vanilla, topped with rainbow sprinkles. 

D'OH Strawberry Sprinkle

Classic ring doughnut with a fresh strawberry glaze, topped with rainbow sprinkles.


Chocolate Sprinkle:

Classic ring doughnut glazed with rich chocolate, topped with rainbow sprinkles. 

Cinnamon Sugar Twist

Our dough, twisted and sugared with a cinnamon blend.


The Hi Tea - Earl Grey Hibiscus 

Classic ring doughnut with earl grey tea glaze, drizzled with a hibiscus tea glaze and topped with a white chocolate and milk crumble. 

Honey-Dip with Bee Pollen

Classic ring doughnut with a butter-honey glaze, topped with bee pollen and home made sponge toffee.

Strawberries & Cream

Ring doughnut with a fresh strawberry glaze, topped with milk crumb and white chocolate. 

Classic Sour-Cream Glazed

Classic ring doughnut with a sour-cream and sugar glaze. 

Lemon Poppyseed

Classic ring doughnut with a lemon glaze, topped with poppy seeds and lemon zest.

Maple with Walnut Streusel

Ring doughnut with maple glaze, topped with home made walnut and oat streusel.


Coconut Filled

Filled doughnut with a vegan coconut curd, coconut glaze, and toasted coconut. 


Blood-Orange Pistachio

 Ring doughnut with blood orange glaze, topped with toasted pistachios.