Brioche-Style Doughnuts

We believe in hand-crafting real food from scratch. 

Every dough, every glaze, every filling.

We believe in choosing wholly natural ingredients over artificial flavours and processed shortcuts.

Our core glazes are coloured using the natural palette of fruits and vegetables. We use the highest quality of cocoa powder and chocolate. We use real butter, real milk and real cream. We use real sugar, honey, and maple.

No mixes. No hydrogenated oil. No corn syrup. And no dyes wherever possible.

We believe in sourcing our ingredients locally, wherever possible, and collaborating with other local businesses to support one another. 

We believe in batch production so that the product we offer you is always as fresh as we can make it. We never sell day old doughnuts.

We believe in whole hole foods. Not only because they are better for us, even when we’re eating a treat. They simply taste better.


Our vegan dough begins the same way as our classic brioche - with our own blend of hard wheat and pastry flours to achieve that soft chew that is the hallmark of a Lady Glaze doughnut. Leavened with fresh yeast we then enrich the dough with 100% pure cocoa butter to give it that fluffy softness that every doughnut should have.

Don't let the fact they are vegan scare you away! They are nearly indistinguishable from our staple dough and you won't be disappointed.