Lady Glaze Doughnuts is founded by a small team of local food entrepreneurs and corporate executives looking to bring the innovative spirit of Waterloo Region to a classic delicious staple - the doughnut.

Lady Glaze Doughnuts retail location storefront in Belmont Village

We want the experience of our shop to be an unforgettable one that strikes a balance between intriguing flavour experiments and down home comfort.

Inside the Lady Glaze Doughnuts retail location in Belmont Village
A lineup of customers at the Lady Glaze Doughnuts counter
A tray full of freshly baked doughnuts
Doughnuts on the warming rack ready for glazing

We make our doughnuts using the old-fashioned technique from the early 1880’s - yeast-raised dough that is fried to a golden, dough-y perfection.

We then glaze and garnish our doughnuts in unlimited ways offering the classic favourites, seasonal specialties and outrageous flavour experiments.

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